Processed Red Meat Increases The Risk of Heart Failure

Processed red meat increases the risk of heart failure by much! A recent study has brought in new information about red meat – this time, about processed red meat. Red meat is already notorious for its negative effects on the health of the heart if taken in too large quantities. Now, researchers say that red meat that has been processed increases the risk of heart problems that could result in death. The study was published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Heart Failure.

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Heart failures are of enormous problems in the states, such that 6 million Americans experience heart failure, with 50 % of this proportion dying in five years’ time after screening for the disease. As a preventive measures, experts have advised people at large to include healthy food items in their diets: mostly, vegetables and fruits, with whole grains, fish and nuts.

They also highlight the need for people to decrease their red meat intake, and substitute this with foods like fish, beans and chicken to meet their nutrient requirements. Red meat is not harmful in and of itself. If it is consumed in the adequate amounts, it does no harm. But, if people abuses of red meat, the consequences are not pretty to watch. Even good things can be real poisons if one takes in too much of them – this is indeed one concept that we should all learn and put into practice. Eating red meat moderately is fine. The trouble is, people tend to eat more than enough, more than what is required, more than what they need, and that is where the problems start.

Now, is there a difference between processed red meat and unprocessed red meat? The scientists have examined both separately to find out how they affect the heart. The results spelled out that men who ate processed red meat the most were 28 % more likely to develop heart failure than those who ate less of it. The former group was also more than two times more likely to die because of heart failure. From the deductions of the experts, each 50 g increase in processed red meat consumption per day increases the risk of heart failure by 8 %, and the risk of death from the heart failure is increased by 38 % under such circumstances.

While the consumption of processed red meat was linked with death and heart failure, it was not found that unprocessed red meat consumption has a significant correlation with the heart problems, and nor with death as a result of these. One of the study authors formulated pieces of advice as follows: “To reduce your risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases, we suggest avoiding processed red meat in your diet and limiting the amount of unprocessed red meat to one to two servings per week or less. Instead, eat a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grain products, nuts and increase your servings of fish.”

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