Low Carbohydrate + High Veg Protein Diet Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

A study showed that low-carbs and high vegetable protein diets can effectively decrease the risk of heart disease, shining a ray of hope in a world ravaged by unhealthy eating. The high incidence of cardiovascular diseases in societies across the globe constitutes quite a problem highlighting further the need to go back to natural remedies. What better remedy than consuming healthy foods?

Diet reducing weight and heart disease risk


We Are What We Eat

We are what we eat: what we consume gets embedded into our cells, making us up, which is why if we take in healthy food, our body will function well enough, while if we feed our bodies with junk, all sorts of health problems crop up.

Our contemporary societies bear witness to how unhealthy eating can lead to disastrous consequences: no wonder more and more people are falling prey to obesity, cardiovascular diseases and the likes thereof. Researchers are thus increasingly trying to reverse this spiralling trend. In line with this, experts in the field had previously said that a low-carbohydrate diet known as Eco-Atkins helps to reduce weight. Another study, published in the journal BMJ Open, authored by the same team of researchers found that the diet is also beneficial for the heart; it decreases the risk of developing heart disease by 10% in a period of 10 years.


The Eco-Atkins diet is composed of low-carbohydrate foods. It also combines this feature with a high level of vegetable proteins and oils. The latter had previously been associated with conferring a decreased probability of heart disease by keeping in check the low-density-lipoprotein (LDL) concentration which is the bad cholesterol. Therefore, the research team decided to test whether the Eco-Atkins diet can also be beneficial for the health of the heart since it contains a high level of vegetable proteins and oil.

Bad cholesterol is detrimental to the health because it can deposit in blood vessels disrupting the normal blood flow. When the life liquid cannot flow freely in the vessels, the whole body system feels the negative effects thereof. Therefore, restricting the concentration of LDL in the blood works wonders.

The experts divided their subjects into two groups: one was to adhere to the Eco-Atkins diet and the other had high-carbohydrate and low-fat diets. Observations were made as to the weight and cholesterol level of the participants. It was found out that the first group gained advantage over the second one. They had 10% less cholesterol and lost an average weight of 4 additional pounds more than their counterparts who did not follow the Eco-Atkins diet. Upon quantifying the results, the scientists found that the dual effect of the Eco-Atkins diet – reducing both weight and cholesterol – caused a 10 % reduced risk of evolving heart disease in ten years’ time.

The lead author of the paper, Dr. Jenkins, said that this study can be extrapolated to the general population since his subjects had the liberty to choose their own food items from a list of options made available to them. Being given the option of selecting which food items they’d prefer, the participants adhered to the food plan better than if they were compelled to eat what they did not choose by themselves.

One diet combines two huge benefits, of which the world population is in great need of – tackling heart disease and obesity both of which are linked, at one go.

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