Love & Lust Trigger Different Eye Patterns In Humans

Researchers have shown that the eyes have a language of their own, speaking out the feelings of the heart. They have studied eye patterns and have found that they differ from each other when it comes to love and lust. While feelings of love go hand in hand with eye patterns focusing more on the person’s face, lust is more about focusing the gaze onto the person’s body.

language of the eyes

Eye convey feelings of love and lust

The eyes are the doors to the soul, as they say. The tongue might not express feelings the way eyes can: be it feelings of love, hate, exasperation. And, so much more. Researchers have shown that both love and lust can be conveyed through the language of the eyes. They have analysed eye patterns such that they were able to make the difference between eye messages of love and lust.

Love, or lust, at first sight?

The results of the study published in the journal Psychological Science, showed that love considerations are linked with eye patterns focusing on the person’s face, while for lust, they focus on the person’s body. Does this imply that love at sight can be thus determined? Little evidence exists in order to draw that conclusion, nor is it known how does the science of falling in love works. However, these eye patterns studied by the scientists hint at how feelings of love might be distinguished from feelings of desire toward strangers. Love and lust have also been shown to trigger different parts of the brain, suggesting that the mechanism of both are different; the eye patterns are, according to the study.

To test their hypotheses, the authors of the study made university students have a look at black-and-white photographs of strangers. The subjects were also made to analyze photos of young couples together. Additionally, they were instructed to view photographs of attractive people of the opposite sex. The authors specified that all the pictures were devoid of nudity. Thereafter, the participants were asked to tell as fast as possible if the people in the photos evoked feelings of love or sexual desire in them.

Biological marker to distinguish between love and lust?

The researchers found that when the image stirred romantic love feelings, the people would look the person in the face, while when the image would trigger sexual desire, the gaze would go from the face to the rest of the body. Both the females and males of the participants had similar results. The authors of the study went so far as saying that based on the eye patterns differentiating from love and lust, the study could pave the way to developing a biomarker to distinguish between the two feelings.

Now, why on earth would the researchers want to develop such a biomarker, if it is even possible? The latter could prove to be useful in couple therapy sessions to better assess the situation between the two partners to figure out the solutions to their problems. It is otherwise challenging to distinguish between love and lust when examining the reports of the couples. A biomarker would greatly ease the process to distinguish between the two.

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