How Exactly Skipping Breakfast Affects Weight Loss

Many studies in the past have highlighted the importance of breakfast in losing weight. A new study, though, has brought forth arguments against this finding.

breakfast and weight loss

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – we’ve been hearing it ever since we’re a child. It has been recurringly said time and again that a healthy lifestyle dictates that one should have a well-balanced breakfast to start the day. Eating to one’s full in the morning while having light dinners have been associated with the desired healthy habits to be maintained. A new study has, however, brought forth unusual statements about what we have been learning ever since we can remember.

Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham has painted breakfast in another light. Previously, studies have focused on the paramount importance of breakfast, arguing that skipping breakfast tunes one to take to unhealthy snacks during the day to fill one’s belly. They also put suggested links between breakfast and weight management: according to them, people having their breakfast will more likely keep healthy weights as opposed to those who skip the meal. Some even went so far as saying that the combination of large healthy breakfasts and lught dinners decreased the risk of developing non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Skipping breakfast and obesity

The scientists behind the new study have, however, aimed at pointing out the major limitations of those studies. They argued that those researches could not bring convincing proof to substantiate their claims or, at other times, they have been prejudiced to bend the results to their hypotheses. Rather, what they say is that a correlation does exist between skipping breakfast and obesity, but that it has yet to be confirmed. Therefore, they set out to determine whether breakfast could impact directly on weight.

The researchers asked their subjects to either skip or eat their breakfast. Another group was made of both breakfast-skippers and breakfast-takers, but they were given advice about healthy eating without mentioning breakfast. The observations of those having their breakfast and those skipping it were compared. The results showed that weight loss was not influenced by these factors.

Now, the challenge is to understand why does eating or skipping breakfast does not affect weight loss while evidence has suggested that this could be the case. David Allison, Ph.D., lead author of the study stated that: “The field of obesity and weight loss is full of commonly held beliefs that have not been subjected to rigorous testing; we have now found that one such belief does not seem to hold up when tested.”

This study suggests that healthy nutrition should be re-evaluated. It could also fuel more investigations into weight loss schemes as well.

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