Broccoli: Possibly The New Cure For Asthma

Treating asthma with Broccoli – Does this ring a bell? Scientists from Australia have discovered that broccoli as well as other cruciferous vegetables like kale might be used to treat asthma. Broccoli contains sulforaphane which prevents respiratory inflammation, thereby being a potential cure for asthmatic patients.

broccoli vs asthma

In a world being ravaged by polluting chemicals, diseases have reached new peaks. With the growing pollutants pervading the air, respiratory diseases have followed an increasing trend, among which is asthma. Finding the cure to diseases has thus become one of humanity’s chief aims. While some resort to engineering chemical medications to do away with, or at least curb, the incidence of the diseases, other researchers prefer going back to nature which constitutes an invaluable source of medicinal treasures. That is how Australian scientists found that broccoli, together with other green plants of similar make-up, could help asthmatic patients. Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the air pathways. Genetics and environmental conditions work together to make a person more prone to developing the disease.

Dark green vegetables have always been praised as being extremely beneficial for our health. However, they are also one of the most disliked foods as well – people, at large, prefer tasty, spicy food to greenly and leafy ones. Well, maybe this calls for the need of a change in mindset? Experts from the University of Melbourne discovered that broccoli is a great reserve of natural sulforaphane which works wonders to treat respiratory inflammation caused by asthma. Furthermore, vegetables of the cruciferous family have also displayed beneficial effects to the respiratory system. According to the statistics, one in ten Australians is affected by asthma. As if this proportion was not high enough, the incidence of asthma has been on the increase. Currently, a number of treatment techniques exist to relieve asthmatic patients of their ailment. However, some patients are not favorably responsive to the methods of treatment. The researchers are therefore positive that their results will be of great help to this category of patients.

What makes of broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables the ideal treatment for asthma? The experts related that the consumption of steamed broccoli on a daily basis could potentially cure asthmatic patients because of the sulforaphane it contains which acts on the respiratory system such that inflammation is ceased. One or two cups of steamed broccoli would do the trick. Furthermore, broccoli consists of high levels of vitamins A, C, B-6, together with iron calcium and dietary fiber. Additionally, vegetables like kale have a positive impact on the lungs by reducing lung damage. Others like cabbage, brussels sprouts and cauliflower have the potential to reverse lung damage.

However, the research has to be followed by more experiments to come up with definite conclusions. Meanwhile, normal medical advice should be followed in case of asthma attacks.

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