Do You Really Need Anti Reflective Coating On Your Glasses?

An anti-reflective coating (known as AR coating) on glasses are used to enhance vision. It is used to do away with the light reflections from the back and front of the eyeglass lenses surface. It has many other purposes. But, AR coating on glasses also comes with disadvantages. It all depends on the personal preferences of the person having to wear the glasses. One has to consider the avantages and drawbacks, as to which suits one’s needs and wants better.

Ar coating with and without 1The one at the right has the AR coating, while the one at the left has no AR coating; the AR coated one does not cause the reflection

One of its main advantages is that the AR coating aids driving at night. Street and car lights might pose a great problem for some: when wearing glasses, or even contact lenses, headlights and streetlights produce an effect similar to a halo which could divert one’s attention from the road. AR coating prevents this halo-impression. Driving at night becomes more of a comfortable experience with the coating for people wearing glasses.

People having to work on computers for long hours also find AR coating to be of great advantage. Spending considerable amounts of time in front of a computer screen eventually strains the eyes, as the latter have to exert themselves to view the screen. Eye muscles ultimately tire out with the glare coming out from the computer screens, leading to blurry vision, dry eyes, and irritation. When the glare is diminished, the eyes find great relief. The AR coating decreases the reflection which thereby impact positively on the eyes. Working on the computer for long periods of time becomes easier.

Others experiencing similar problems as working in front of a computer screen, like those spending much time in a dimly lit room, can use AR coating to reduce the eyestraining effects.

Otherwise, AR coating is good for anyone who experiences eye strains.

People wearing glasses have difficulties taking pictures. The glasses cause reflection such that the eyes of the person are not properly captured by the camera. They have to stand at a particular angle to avoid the reflection. The person is not free to do different poses when taking pictures if he wants his eyes to appear. With the AR coating, no such thing happens, and the appearance of the person is greatly enhanced, and other images are not reflected in the person’s glasses thereby blocking his eyes. The eyes are easily seen and captured by camera, and the photographs come out clearer.

However, the AR coating also makes it easier to have fingerprints on the lenses. Dirt sticks more easily to the glasses. Hence, one has to clean the glasses more frequently.

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