What Is C-Section And What Are The Precautions To Take?

A C-section, also known as caesarean delivery, is a term used to define a surgical operation to deliver a baby. This is often done when medical experts believe a normal vaginal delivery might entail difficulties whereby the lives of the mother and baby might be put to peril; they might plan it for their patients if the latter have had complications during their pregnancy.


It is advisable to take certain precautions before going through the procedure. Doctors might ask their patients to take a shower before, either during the night preceding the surgery or in the morning. It is also said not to shave the pubic area just before the operation because of the increased risk of infections.

Also, before the surgery, the abdomen will be cleaned; antacid is also given to the pregnant women to avoid having upset stomachs during the surgery.

Since it is a major surgery, patients are expected to feel the pain afterwards. Simple actions like coughing or laughing might provoke the hurt.

Even if it was no normal delivery, the new mothers will bleed; therefore, they will have to use sanitary pads.

Following surgery, one might need a laxative for one’s first stools. This is normally prescribed by the doctor.

Moving around will be challenging in the first few days after the surgery. Early movement is encouraged though because it is beneficial for one’s circulation.

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