What Are The White Spots on Fingernails?

What are those mysterious white spots on nails? Often enough, we spot weird white marks on the nails: why are they there in the first place? Do the white spots herald something, or anything at all? Various myths exist as to their being, and it’s now time to tell the truth about them!

white spots fingernails

Most of the white spots that occasionally appear on fingernails are the result of minor injuries to the nail bed. If skin gets bruises when hurt, the nail gets the white spot. The white spots thus caused do not appear immediately after the blow was made; they might form after days or even weeks that the injury has been made.

The injury that leads to the formation of the white spot is generally minor and easily forgotten and overlooked. That is why when the white spots resulting thereof do appear, one might not even remember having knocked one’s fingernail at some point in time.

Severe injuries like being hit with a hammer do not lead to insignificant white spots, implying that the latter are just really slight ‘hurt’.

After the minor injury, the white spots appearing only days and weeks later do last for an extended period of time: fingernails grow by half an inch per month, which would mean that most visible injuries would only grow out completely after around eight weeks. However, some of the white spots do disappear as they fade away before the nail has the time to grow.

In other cases, white spots might be indicating an underlying infection. But, this is rarer than the usual injury one.

One of the myths associated with the white spots is that a lack of calcium or too much mayonnaise consumption ultimately leads to the formation of the mysterious shapes. However, they might be the result of zinc deficiency. If the real reason is indeed the shortage of zinc, the white spots would usually be accompanied by other signs as well, like, hair loss or slow immune system.

Another reason that might cause white spots to form on the surface of fingernails is an allergic response to a product applied on the nail like, nail polish, hardener, or even nail polish remover. As such, many of those who wear acrylic nails later find white spots on their nails when they take off the artificial ones. The white spots could have arisen because of minor hurt when applying the false nails, or, because of the products used during the application.

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