Water Flurotidation And Lower IQ UNLINKED With New Studies

Fluoridated water which has long been considered as harmful because it allegedly lowers IQ has been proved to have no association with IQ whatsoever. A new study shows that it is, in fact, beneficial for those who drink it as it prevents tooth decay. 

fluoride in water

A new study has dispelled the much hyped notion that fluoridated water somehow lowers IQ. Many have put forth the argument that water containing fluoride has a number of adverse effects to our health. Why is fluoride added to water, anyway? Oh, if there’s one thing that the numerous ads for toothpastes have taught us, it is that toothpastes contain fluoride – most, if not all, that is. Fluoride is added to water so as to prevent tooth decay; a supplement. Many rumours have circulated that fluoride is noxious to the health. How true is this though?

Why is fluoride viewed as harmful?

Conspiracy theories had budded off the minds of people who purported that the US government would add fluoride to drinking water with the aim to lower IQ, while passing the gesture off as a means to fight tooth decay among the population. Furthermore, a study had yielded results which suggested that fluoride could potentially exert a negative influence of IQ. The researchers of that study posited that fluoride is associated with neurotoxicity.

Arguments of the new study

However, the scientists behind the new study mentioned has attempted to dismantle the suggestions of the other researchers. The subjects of the study were people from Dunedin in New Zealand. Both those who grew up drinking fluoridated water and those who did not were surveyed. The IQs of the 992 participants were analysed to verify for a correlation between intelligence and fluoride. The findings generated showed that the IQs of the people were not significantly affected by fluoride exposure.

According to the lead author, Dr Jonathan Broadbent, the previous studies which hinted at a relationship between IQ and fluoridated water did not use refined methodologies to assess their subjects. He also said that a great risk of bias punctuated their methods. All in all, he ascribed their results to a poorly done research.

Defending his own findings, he pointed at the high quality of the data and analysis of the institution he works for. In his opinion, the new study will hopefully do away with the concept that fluoridated water is harmful. He is, in fact, a fierce proponent of fluoridating water because the latter helps decrease the incidence of tooth decay among children. It is to be noted that the funding of the study was not done by the US government, nor by the Nazis who were also associated in the conspiracy theories.

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