7 Causes A Throat Inflammation And How Do Deal With One

Inflammation of the throat can occur as a result of a number of causes: from microbial factors to environmental ones. The consequences can be quite tiring and irritating to deal. Most of the cases of sore throats do not specifically require medical intervention as they go away by themselves in a short period of time.


Causes of Throat Inflammation

The following includes some of the potential causes:

  1. Viral or bacterial agent causing infections.
  2. Acid reflux could also be responsible for sore throat problems.
  3. Unhealthy habits like smoking can also confer on the person vulnerability to having an inflamed throat.
  4. Pollutants found in the environment can lead to developing inflammation in the throat.
  5. Allergies
  6. Excessive breathing through the mouth
  7. Strains in the vocal chords

Viral infections

Viruses contracted leading to colds and flus can lead to an inflamed throat. Colds and flus are associated with symptoms like cough which causes the throat to become sore. Additionally, infected sinuses may find their way into the throat, accounting for inflammation. Some viruses can even trigger the appearance of blisters in the throat region, making the diseased person feel pain, like the coxsackie virus. The mumps and measles virus also cause throat inflammation.

Bacterial infections

Bacteria of the streptococcus group A are the most common bacteria leading to inflamed throats. They give a very painful sensation as the throat becomes red and swollen.


Tonsillitis can be viral or bacterial in nature. The latter infect the tonsils, which are found just behind the tongue. The tonsils together with the areas surrounding them swell and give a sensation of pain. Sometimes, pus may come out from the swollen parts.

Acid reflux

The stomach contains concentrated hydrochloric acid which provides an acidic medium for digestion of proteins to occur. The walls of the stomach are protected from being corroded by the acid and the latter is confined to the stomach only. However, during acid reflux, the concentrated acid moves upward into the oesophagus and into the throat. Corrosion by the acid causes harm to the throat tissues and inflammation occurs as a result.

Environmental factors

Smoking makes the throat become sore. Passive smoking can also have the same effect. Smog may do some pretty damage to the tissues making up the throat as well. Low humidity can also cause the throat to run dry and become sore.

Vocal chords

Excessive use of the vocal chords by straining oneself singing, or shouting, may cause pain. Laryngitis may also occur, whereby the larynx (the voice-box; the region where voice is generated) gets infected.


Pollen and even mold may cause irritation.

How To Deal With A Sore Throat

Anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken to relieve one of the symptoms and irritating effects. These also contain pain-killers which would do away with the pain being felt. Otherwise, a number of home remedies exist to prevent the inflammation from lasting too long, of which feature essential oils can be diluted and used to massage the throat area.

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