Is Your Mobile Phone Damaging Your Sperms? Yes!

Can keeping a mobile phone in your pocket really damage your sperms? Yes according to this new medical study! Mobile phones emit radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation which might be detrimental for the healthy development of sperms. Researchers have suggested that keeping mobile phones in pockets could prove to be harmful for the sperm quality. However, more studies have to be done in order to have conclusive data.

mobile phone in pocket

Mobile phones in pockets: a no-no

They say females are the weaker sex. Why, then, is it that it is always males having to take precautions not to damage their gonads?! From hot baths, to the heat of laptops, to fighting and punches targeted at their most vulnerable spot, and now, mobile phones! A new study has yielded such results that the researchers cautioned males who have the habit of keeping their mobile phones in their pockets. But, hey, where else, if not the pocket? Guys do not walk around with purses and bags! :/ But, still, if you carry your mobile phone in your pocket, you might want to reconsider that. All for posterity’s sake.

Potentially harmful radiation for your sperms

The study purports that mobile phones kept in close proximity to the gonads could impact negatively on the fertility of men. Mobile phones emit radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) which is detrimental to the production of sperms. What has been suggested so far by the scientists involved in the study is that these waves negatively affect sperm quality. However, nothing is conclusive yet. More research has to be done in order to come up with definite results, though other studies have, in the past, indicated that RF-EMR may have adverse effects on male fertility.

What makes male gonads more vulnerable?

The male gonads are particularly vulnerable because they are more exposed to external factors that could influence the processes necessary for fertility to be maintained. The testicles found outside the body shelter the male gonads, the sperms, the condition of which defines fertility. The production and nursing of these sperm cells need a certain temperature – lower than the body temperature, which explains why they are found outside the body – and other conditions for them to thrive adequately. Being in that position, however, entitles them to being more exposed and, hence, they may be affected by the outside occurrences without the person realising. That is why and how the RF-EMR could be detrimental to the health of the sperms, hence influencing male fertility.

Mobile phones & sperm quality

Now, who does not own a mobile phone? Very few, I guess – we cannot deny the fact that mobile phones have carved for themselves an important place in our daily lives. Modern societies are also characterised with another feature: the increased rate of infertility. Is there a link between the two? The study dealt with patients from fertility clinics. As part of their methodology to test their hypothesis, the researchers measured sperm quality in terms of motility, viability and concentration. These were compared to those people with otherwise normal sperms. The scientists found out that sperm movement decreased by 8 % when the people were exposed to mobile phones. The variable sperm viability experienced a very similar effect. However, the results for sperm concentration were not clear enough.

From these results, the scientists have suggested that RF-EMR has some effect in sperm quality. However, more indepth analysis should be done to gauge the impact of mobile phones on fertility.

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