Does drinking lemon water help reduce menstrual cramps?

Question: Can drinking lemon water help to reduce menstrual cramps? – Short answer: Yes.

Menstruation is often accompanied by menstrual cramps. They might be mild or extremely painful depending on several factors. The uterine contractions that allow for the shedding off of the inner lining of the uterus are behind the pain. Menstrual cramps together with other discomfort associated with menses like thigh pain, tiredness, back ache, sometimes prevent women from having their usual daily activities.

lemon water

Of the best ways to finding relief from this pain is to take to natural remedies instead of consuming analgesics. One of the readily available cures is lemon juice.

Lemon juice comes with a plethora of benefits, and it is said that it provides relief from menstrual cramps. Drinking lemon juice daily when waking up will make the pain subside when you do have the menses.

The consumption of lemon water every morning provides more alkalinity to the body, keeping the body hydrated and mineralised.

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