7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cocoa

Cocoa is awesome but also has many health benefits. The term cocoa is used to refer to the plant Theobroma cacao or the seed of the plant, commonly known as cocoa bean; chocolate is manufactured therefrom. Other than being regarded as a treat, cocoa has also been used for medicinal purposes.

still life of cocoa

1. The cocoa seed is often used to treat infections in the intestines and diarrhea.

2. Asthma, bronchitis, and lung congestion are also conditions that might be eased with the seed.

3. Organs such as liver, blader, and kidney are also known to benefit from the seed coat.

4. Furthermore, chemical substances known as flavonoids that are found in cocoa might potentially be beneficial to the health of the heart. It is suggested that flavonoids might reduce blood pressure. Researchers are working on finding out the health benefits.

5. The role of cocoa in “immune regulation, inflammation, neuroprotection, oxidative stress, obesity, and diabetes control” have also been analysed. As such, studies have shown that cocoa can help in losing weight, and improve cognition.

6. Cocoa is also linked with bringing about a positive mood.

7. Cocoa can also be used in the treatment of “allergies, cancers, oxidative injuries, inflammatory conditions, anxiety, hyperglycemia, and insulin resistance”.

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