What is Necrosis and Necrotic Tissues?

Necrosis is defined as the premature death of cells in living tissue. Necrotic tissues are, therefore, dead tissues (dead cells and debris) that result from the fragmentation of dying cells. These tissues lose their colour and might become black, yellow, green, and even white in some cases. They are generally soft, and might be characterised by a bad odour.

The causes of necrosis are many, from infections to trauma to severe frostbite. The latter is associated with necrosis as the freezing of tissues causes cells to burst, which is basically the death of the tissues. A lack of blood and oxygen to a certain body part can also lead to necrosis. Poisons from snakes and spiders constitute yet another cause.

How to treat a wound resulting from necrosis?

These wounds can be fatal if left untreated because of the proliferation of bacteria in the dead tissues. They, therefore, require immediate medical attention.

Treating this wound will often be focused on removing the dead tissue. One way of doing this is to use maggots to feed on the dead tissues to get rid of them; this practice is not always considered the ideal as it is deemed unhygienic. Another way that might be considered to be safer and more sanitary is surgery.

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