Trichiasis: Eyelashes Growing In The Wrong Direction

Trichiasis is the condition where eyelashes grow abnormally in the wrong direction. It is very painful, and if the person is left unattended, it might grow into serious problems.


Ever had to experience having eyelashes getting into your eye?! I bet noone who has felt this hurt can ever forget it – not in this lifetime anyway! Now, imagine having the eyelashes growing abnormally inward, toward the eye. No, this is not a spooky Halloween story: this does actually happen, and it is called trichiasis.

The abnormal growth of the eyelash is painful enough; pretty much like having a needle poking you in the eye. Apart from the pain and irritation, it can also cause some serious damage.


Injury or surgery

In case of eye injury where the eyelid is wounded, the eyelashes may change position and grow inward. The same might happen if an injured eyelid is surgically repaired.


This is a condition where the eyelid becomes less elastic and it flips and folds.

Eyelid infection

An example is the condition known as blepharitis which causes inflammation of the eyelids and eyelashes.

Symptoms of trichiasis

1. Feeling some foreign substance
2. Red eyes
3. Blurry vision
4. Watery eyes
5. Pain in the eye

Serious damage

The eyelashes might rub against the conjunctiva, and the cornea. The latter might lead to corneal abrasion. Inflammation and ultimate vision loss might also result from trichiasis if the problem persists.


The abnormal eyelashes can be removed by plucking with special forceps. They eyelashes will then grow back in 2 or 3 months’ time.

Another method involves surgery where the trichiasis is eliminated.

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